I am addicted to the fashion since I remember myself. In the past I worked as graphic designer and IT professional. During this time it was very hard for me to find clothings which touch me and have a spark of my personal style. So I began to remake some of my mass fashion clothings and was very impressed what a big difference can be achieved with a very small changes. Then my friends and many people, who I met walking on the streets, started to ask me from where I got my clothings and wanted to have the same. I found a woman who started to make my patterns and sew them, but wasn't happy since my models were too unusual for her and her creations were too away of what I imagined... I was very surprised to see that it is very easy for me to make patterns ( I know to sew since I was a child, teached by my mother). So I have left my IT career and began to make designs and clothings :-)

The conclusion, don't be afraid to show who are you, follow your dreams, be free and inspired. Synchronize your soul and your body.

All my creations bring the spirit of change, bring emotion, carry a piece of my heart.
Find yourself in my designs!
Ana ♥♥♥

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